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Beginners Guide To Fly Tying

All you need to know about Fly Tying If you don’t tie your own flies, you’re in good company. Over a third of fly anglers have never tied a fly. Maybe you’ve heard tying is too difficult, expensive or time-consuming? Well, it’s none of the above. And once you get...

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Deadbaiting for Pike

Pike fishing setup for deadbaiting Winter is Coming!!!   And that means winter Pike fishing. For some, the Lures are put away, the ever increasing popularity of Fly Fishing for pike wanes and lads up and down the country look for new sleeping bags, warm bivvies,...

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Fly Fishing the Mayfly Lifecycle

I got an E-mail recently from a Lady called Natalie at - it contained the following infographic, a very detailed, informative piece on the lifecycle and stages of the Mayfly hatch. I thoroughly enjoyed the article, Natalie asked would I post it...

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