Course angling is as popular in Ireland today as it has ever been, with some fantastic Pike, breem, roach, and many other species being present in most large water systems. While Sea angling, and specifically shore angling have seeing a massive upturn in popularity.

I myself have caught the shore angling bug, so expect to see an increasing amount of shore angling gear, reviews and products posted here over the coming months.

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Latest Angling News

Pike on the Fly – Beginners Guide

Fly fishing for Pike: A Beginners Guide   I often get asked about my setup for fly fishing for pike and leaders and traces in particular so I thought it might be useful for some people if I put it into my blog. As with most things with any type of fly fishing I’m...


Surfcasters A video showing the addictiveness and danger and exhileration of surfcasting in strong currents and extreme, dificult conditions. Surfcasters   Find more articles, tutorials and videos Here

Reading the beach. A Shore fishing tutorial.

Reading the beach. A Shore fishing tutorial.

Reading the beach Time and time again I repeat to myself an old saying when im heading out, or blanking out - 90% of the fish, are in 10% of the water. Reading the beach is a vital tool in locating that 10% This rings true, as there is nothing so sure as, if you are...