Every question ever asked about fishing

So on my journey to learn more about website optimization, keywords was something I was focusing on. After finding a nifty little tool online I entered “fishing”, and what popped out was a very huge list of phrases and questions most commonly asked about the subject. So here it is – Every question ever asked about fishing.

So I thought id take the list, and turn it into a comprehensive article / report  – Every question ever asked about fishing.

Most of the below is very basic knowledge to anyone who has fished before, but there are some really interesting questions in there also, some of which have taken a lot of research to come up with a solution or answer to,  and I have learned an awful lot while compiling this article. I also learned, minecraft (the ridiculously popular online game) has fishing in it, and over 5% of the original list was minecraft related. If only those kids actually fished!!

So, here we go, the list compiled the following questions into ‘are, is, who, where, what, why’ etc. Then we move on to the alphabetical search. I have eliminated duplicated content, and terms unrelated to Ireland as best as possible – for instance, in “e” fishing in essex, or east anglia were eliminated.


Are fishing weights made of lead

Mostly, the answer is yes, lead is a cheap, heavy metal so is perfect for the job, but you can get other materials, and you can also make your own weights out of old nuts and bolts. Weights here

Are fishing nets made of plastic

Generally handheld nets are either fiber or more recently rubber. Sea or trawler nets are generally fibers and would contain some, but not a lot of plastic at all. Handles would contain some plastics and some cheaper ones are 100% plastics. Nets here

Are fishing rods allowed on planes

Yes and no, Small travel rods will be allowed in the cabin, rods such as beach rods or carp/pike rods would have to go into cargo. Bazooka travel cases are a godsend.

Are fishing hooks allowed on planes

This is the american tsa advice “Sharp fishing tackle that may be considered dangerous, such as large fish hooks, should be sheathed, securely wrapped, and packed in your checked luggage. Like other high-value objects, you may wish to pack expensive reels or fragile tackle that does not pose a security threat (small flies) in your carry-on baggage.”

Are fishing spiders poisonous

I had a little giggle at this when I read it, because I thought they were referring to flies like the killdevil spider – apparently not. Ahhhh F***

Now im not swimming anymore.


So, yes, yes they are!!!

Are fishing kayaks stable

Depends on a number of variables and what your doing really, are you on a kayak in calm water and simply casting, or are you in the surf trying to be lord of the dance. Kayaks are made to be as stable as absolutely possible, but a bad wave, or if your new to kayaks and your swaying a lot can cause you to capsize – so getting used to your kayak and how it reacts, and actually purposefully capsizing yourself to get used to it, and learning to refloat yourself is very important, and ALWAYS wearing a life jacket is a no brainer.

Are fishing reels universal


Are fishing kayaks worth it

Depends on if you will use it or not, I personally have never gone Kayak fishing, but would absolutely love to have a go. If your thinking of buying a Kayak, first get a few days out renting, or with an experienced Kayaker so you can get a feel for it before committing to buying a kayak, and all the rest that goes with it. Check out http://www.irishkayakangling.com/ for a huge amount of information and forums on Kayak fishing.

Are fishing reels cheaper in japan

Probably, as a lot of them are made there, you should where possible, buy local and support Irish shops, the problem with buying online from abroad is you will never be certain its a geniune reel, and rarely have any comeback should anything go wrong.

Are fishing charters profitable

Probably not going to make you a millionaire – but, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. If you have the means get a charter boat going, I would recommend it, if you would be putting yourself into debt, then you would need a serious business analysis and plan to see if it is viable.

Are fishing calendars accurate

If based on solunar times and calculated correctly then yes they can be, not sure what that means? read the article we posted here.

Are fishing cats endangered

The fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a medium-sized wild cat of South and Southeast Asia. Fishing cats are in trouble because their habitat is rapidly disappearing. Wetlands are endangered in many parts of Asia and in other parts of the world as well. From 2008 to 2016, fishing cats were classified as Endangered by the IUCN.

Fishing Cat

Are fishing lures toxic.

Usually not, but poorly made, asian knock off lures have been known to contain anything and everything including asbestos.


Can fishing be sustainable.

Great question, Fishing can surely be sustainable, however big changes need to take place in the meantime, If the will is there anything is possible.

Can fishing line be recycled.

Only fishing line that is a single filament, nylon product may be recycled (such as monofilament and fluorocarbon). Fishing line that is braided or contains wire cannot be recycled. Fishing line that has a lot of growth on it or plant material mixed up with it may not be recycled as well.

Can fishing line cut you

Braid is like cheese wire, and it’l slice you if handled stupidly, nylon not so much, but wrap it around your finger tight enough and you will lose it!

Can fishing line go bad.

Yes, old line that has been left in sunlight, not washed after being in salt etc will deteriorate over time. Keeping it dry and out of light will prolong life, but eventually most lines will become brittle after a year or two.

Can fishing rods break

Yes – I have broken loads of them unfortunately, however its usually my fault, of the 10 rods I have broken I would say only one was a manufacturing issue.

Can fishing rods be repaired

Also yes, depending on the break, usually a sleeve is built and both ends of the break are inserted, its then glued wrapped and varnished. The rod will be quite similar to its original feel if done correctly but will never be Exactly like it was. Cheaper than buying a new section. If your looking for a rod repaired we can get that done for you, drop us a message here.

Can fishing line be used for beading

Yes, if Jewelry is your thing! Apparently braid is what you need!

Can fishing make you sick

After a few blanks you can feel pretty bad alright, but not “sick” as in the flu! However boat fishing if your not used to it will probably introduce you back to your breakfast!

Can fishing line be too heavy.

Yes – it can, now this could turn into a huge piece, on fly line, braid, mono etc,

Can fishing rods get wet

Yes they can, if your fishing in salt or particularly acidic waters you should completely rinse and dry your rods on your return home.

Can fishing cause tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is an inflammation of the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow. The forearm muscles and tendons become damaged from overuse — repeating the same motions again and again. – So a lot of casting can cause tennis elbow, but it isnt very common in fishing, more likely is a strain of the shoulder or biceps while casting heavy leads to sea, I have done this numerous times and now whenever I hit the beach, I make sure to stretch and do some arm rolls to warm up the muscles. It really does help as if you do pull something on an early cast, it is very uncomfortable and really effects you for the rest of the session and the next few days.

Can fishing boats sink.

Yes, it is recommended to avoid letting this happen.

Can fishing line conduct electricity

Generally not, but when its wet, water will conduct electricity, so then, yes.

Can fishing lures be carried on a plane

Lures can be, however treble hooks may not. So if your lures cant go in the check in luggage, remove the hooks.

Can fishing line be used for stitches

Yes. Only for skin and soft tissue though and in a do or die situation. The skin damage and septic rates would be high negating any benefit from suturing. Fishing line is much thicker nylon than the surgical nylon sutures.

Can fishing reels get wet.

Yes they can, if your fishing in salt or particularly acidic waters you should completely rinse and dry your reels on your return home.



I like this section, some very interesting videos and I have enjoyed the research and learning here.

How fishing reels work

Fishing reels in there various forms basically work using a series of gears to wind line onto the reel at a much faster rate than the turn of the handle. Im having trouble finding a good video but will update here when I do.

How fishing nets work

Very good video here on the different type of nets and how they work.

How fishing rods are made

G-Loomis provide the details here

How fishing line is made

I love ‘how its made’

How fishing rods work

Fishing rods hold the line from the reel along their body through “rings” or “guides” The rods are graded to their strength, or casting weight (cw) Its important to have the right rod for the species you are fishing for, dropshotting for perch has accidentally hooked many a pike, and unless played very lightly and carefully will end up with your rod becoming 2 rods. Rods come in a huge range of sizes and weights for different jobs, from short lrf rods with tiny cw’s of 0.5g to 15 footers and rods with a test of 130lb for huge hard fighting fish like tuna.

How fishing hooks are made.

Mustad – show us your wisdom!

How fishing lures are made

How fishing reels are made

Here is the production of a Penn International

How fishing lures work

They work by imitating food fish, and being attractive through light and flash patterns, there are a vast array of lures available, here is a pike lure in action, and some interested pike attacking it.

How fishing started

Here is a short video on the origins of fishing, but the origins of individual types of fishing can also be found.

How fishing hooks are sized

Here is a vid with awful musc on hook sizes.

How fishing affects coral reefs

Im nervous about the environmental questions in this section, and have deleted a few as the explanations are usually completely biased in one direction or another. Here is a fairly good one on the great barrier reef however.

How does fishing relieves stress

Just ask uncle goat – he seems completely normal and relaxed!


What fishing line to use.

Depends what your doing obviously – Mainly, braid has been winning the Braid/Nylon battle, If you dont believe us – Check out this article. The question is now, what your doing with it, heavier lines for heavier fishing, lighter lines for lighter fishing. Fly fishing is another matter. If you need any help with lines, drop us a message here.


Thats as far as we have gotten – more to follow 😀

What fishing licence do i need

Certain waters need certain licences. You have a state licence here for salmon and sea trout., and you will need certain permits from waters controlled by different clubs. Sea fishing in Ireland requires no licence from the beach or rocks, and there is a lot of free water, just have a look locally and check if where you want to fish needs a licence or permit. A local tackle shop is your best bet.

What fishing rod to buy

Unlike a lot of things, you can get good gear in fishing for small money, so buying cheap does not always mean buying twice, although as you grow into the sport you will want to upgrade. The type of rod you need depends on the type of fishing you want to do. Fly fishing, cap fishing, sea fishing, boat fishing, will all require completely different gear. But if you just want the regular, pop down the river setup, a 9ft spinning rod is usually the requirement and will get you all types of fish in most types of water.

Check out these great value rod/reel combos for getting started, these can be used for spinning, float fishing etc.

What fishing bait to use

This is entirely dependant on your target, but you cant go wrong with worms or maggots as a beginner on most waters in Ireland.

What fishing line for carp

What fishing rod do i need

What fishing license do i need

What fishing line do i need

what fishing boat to buy

what fishing pole elastic to use

what fishing hooks to use

what fishing weight to use

what fishing line to use for mackerel

what fishing gear do i need

what fishing shows are on tv

what fishing tackle do i need

what fishing floats to use


when fishing season start

when fishing season ends

when fishing goes wrong

when fishing season

when fishing is more than a hobby

when fishing is life

when fishing rdr2

when fishing was invented

when fishing red dead

when fishing rod

when fishing trout

when fishing reel

when fishing techniques

when fishing hook

fishing when windy

fishing when it rains

fishing when it’s hot

fishing when it’s cold

fishing when to use a bobber

fishing when water is high



where fishing near me

where fishing license

where fishing rod rdr2

where fishing in london

fishing rod let’s go

where fishing pole rdr2

where fishing rod pokemon white

where fishing hook

where fishing catfish

where fishing tuna

where fishing florida

where fishing in surrey

where fishing in dubai

where fishing in norfolk

where fishing in cleveland

where fishing expedition

where fishing pole

where fishing trawlers

where fishing in devon

where fishing for marlin


which fishing rod

which fishing line

which fishing reel

which fishing rod to buy

which fishing chair

which fishing pole

which fishing line is best

which fishing rods are the best

which fishing rod should i buy

which fishing spear warframe

which fishing line to use

which fishing license do i need

which fishing pole should i buy

which fishing braid is best

which fishing profession stardew valley

which fishing float to use

which fishing line floats

which fishing line sinks

which fishing line is the strongest

which fishing knot is the strongest


who’s fishing case study

who sings fishing in the dark

who invented fishing

who sells fishing license

who goes fishing

who wrote fishing in the sky

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why fishing is bad

why fishing is good

why fishing is bad for the environment

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why fishing is a sport

why fishing is cruel

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why fishing at night

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why fishing is not a sport

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why fishing license

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why fishing boats have bells


will fishing be good tomorrow

will fishing line deter deer

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fishing 136 prepositions


fishing can picafort

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can fishing rods be carried on a plane

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can fishing reels get wet

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fishing tin can bay

fishing planet can’t equip hook

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rdr2 fishing can’t reel in

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fishing planet can’t change leader length


fishing for beginners

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fishing for barbel


fishing is cruel

fishing is so boring

fishing is a worm at one end

fishing is calling t shirt

fishing is cruel reddit

fishing is calling you

fishing is life

fishing is fun

fishing is a sport

fishing is what type of industry

fishing is fun pond

fishing is good for your health

fishing is like yoga

fishing is as fun as fuzz

fishing is an example of an activity with a

fishing is bad

fishing is life meme

fishing is an example of which sector

fishing is therapy

fishing is my hobby


fishing near me

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