Flambeau Circe 3 in 1 Predator Call


Flambeau Circe 3 in 1 Predator Call



Circe?? Three Calls In One

The Three Calls in One features jackrabbit, cottontail and coaxer distress cries combined into one easy-to-use tool. Quickly twist the mouthpiece to select the desired distress call based on the range of the predator. A legacy in weatherproof predator calls, Circe?? is “The Call of the Wild”. All Circe calls are constructed of durable polycarbonate, then hand tuned to perfection. Specifications ??? Long range jackrabbit, medium range cottontail and close range coaxer
??? Twistable mouthpiece for distress call selection
??? Polycarbonate construction
??? Weatherproof
??? Hand tuned
??? Made in the U.S.A.


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