Flambeau MAD Pip Squeak Coaxer


Flambeau MAD Pip Squeak Coaxer



MAD Pip Squeak Coaxer

MAD Predator Call were designed by Champion Caller and hunter Tad Brown, these unique calls feature rubber horns that blast explosive high pitched rodent screams or close in realistic squeaks. Sounds can be manipulated by distorting the horn during your blow sequence. Typically a low air pressure call the Pip Squeak Coaxer is easy to use and delivers results. The pip squeak Coaxer is specifically designed for calling prey in close. The Pip Squeak has a removable rubber cone to enable louder and longer distance calling. Specifications ??? Requires little air pressure.
??? Designed for close in calling.
??? High pitched squeaks.
??? Durable and weatherproof.
??? Hand tuned in the U.S.A!


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