For fly fishing, the Irish angler is spoilt for choice. Dry or wet fly fishing. Over the last few seasons Czech nymphing has become more popular and is an effective method of taking fish on all Irish rivers.

Be it Browns, rainbows, or the hard fighting Sea trout, you are never far from water in Ireland containing great trout fishing.

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Latest Trout Fishing News

Mayfly Madness

Mayfly madness. Duffer’s fortnight. Call it what you will but May is one of the most spectacular months of the year to visit the rivers when the Ephemera danica or Mayfly hatches drift across the river like gun smoke. Mayfly: It is best to divide the month into three...

Aghade 6/4/16

Having spent a hard day updating the site here - trying to put better images up, sort out the big delivery I'm waiting on containing any amount of lovely juicy Sea and Coarse tackle to fill out those sections of the site, I finally had enough and hit the river for a...

Month By Month

JUNE Olives- much the same picture as May, with the addition of the small dark olive, artificial patterns of which are best fished dry, both in the daytime and the evening. Blue-winged olive becomes increasingly important. Sedges- much the same as May, except that the...